37 Symptoms of Menopause

37 Symptoms of Menopause

Have you ever wondered if the temperature in the room just went up significantly or if it’s just you? Look around – are the younger girls feeling it too? If not, it could be a hot flash. Hot flashes are one of 37 symptoms women can experience in menopause. As you listen to our podcast, you’ll hear us tackle the symptoms and provide information and solutions where we can.


For now, here is a list of the symptoms that are a likely indication you are in perimenopause or menopause.


1. Hot flashes

2. Night sweats

3. Irregular periods

4. Mood changes

5. Breast soreness

6. Decreased libido

7. Vaginal dryness

8. Headaches

9. Tingling extremities

10. Dental issues

11. Changes in taste

12. Fatigue

13. Bloating

14. Digestive changes

15. Joint pain

16. Muscle tension and aches

17. Electric shock sensations

18. Itchiness/dry skin/dry eyes

19. Sleep disturbance

20. Difficulty concentrating/focus

21. Memory fog/lapses

22. Thinning hair

23. Brittle nails

24. Weight gain

25. Stress/urinary incontinence

26. Dizzy spells

27. Allergies

28. Osteoporosis

29. Irregular heartbeat/heart palpitations

30. Body odor

31. Irritability/Rage

32. Depression

33. Anxiety

34. Panic disorder

35. Cold sweats

36. Voice changes

37. Formication – crawling skin

It’s important to note that not everyone experiences menopause the same. You may have a few or all of these symptoms. Or none – if you happen to be the same person who sneezed and gave birth without an epidural!

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