INTRODUCING the She2.0 "Build Your Own Box"

Supporting menopause, one womxn at a time.

Whether you’re in peri or post-menopause, we have Canadian made products you’ll love! These kits are a great treat for yourself or make a thoughtful gift for a family member or friend going through natural or post-surgical/treatment menopause. 

We see perimenopause as the runway that gradually prepares us for menopause. However, some women experience immediate menopause post-surgery/treatment. They require different products to help provide relief and support.

We’ve indicated those products with a pink flower so you know they’re safe for you or someone else.🌷

  • 1. Please note: there is a minimum spend of $60 for this kit.

  • 2. Add items to your basket. We love ALL these products and know you will, too.

  • 3. Keep shopping! There is no limit to what you can add to your box, so be sure to spoil yourself!

  • 4. Hit "checkout" and send your box on its way!

Build Your Own Comfort Kit

You don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Your period is here one minute and gone the next, or you’ve joined the 100% club and you haven’t had it in a year. Either way, we’re here to help!

Choose from these Canadian-made products to help you during this somewhat confusing time.

And a BONUS gift for you!

Every BYOB includes a Free 3-Day workshop to help reduce hormone "fluff."

You'll receive a special invitation to this workshop in your email after you check out!