How the "In a Flash" Kit Works:

Whether you’re buying for yourself or someone you care about, these kits have thoughtfully curated products to help you through this transition.

  • #1 READ!

    Make sure to read the description of the kit along with information on all the products included.

  • #2 SELECT

    Some products have size and/or colour options. Click on each product to find your selection and proceed to the next section to choose.

  • #3 ADD

    Don't forget the Add-On products! These are some amazing products you can add to your kit, customizing it for your own comfort.

  • #4 CHECK OUT

    Once you have all the products selected for your kit, head to checkout and don't forget to personalize the included card!

  • #5 DANCE!

    Do your happy dance because your Kit will be on its way soon! You will receive shipping information in your email.

  • NOTE:

    - Please allow 3- 4 weeks for your box to ship

    - Available while quantities last

    - No refunds or exchanges - all items are final sale

  • Personalized Greeting Card by Carolyn Draws

    Add a personal touch to your kit with this heartfelt card.

    Click for instructions on how to personalize 
  • Simone Nightgown by Cool Your Sweats

    Simone is the essential nightwear. The special fabrics wick away moisture & heat, keeping you comfortable all night long.

    Click for Sizing 
  • Neck Coolers by Sew Fairy Cool

    For headaches, hot flashes, and day-to-day tension, these neck coolers are a must-have.

    Click for more info 
  • The One by Satya

    The holy grail of moisturizers in a convenient, refillable stick.

    Click for info 
  • HYDRATE™ Electrolyte Drink by Age Quencher

    A delicious, healthy way to keep your body—and soul—feeling refreshed and hydrated.

    Click for more product info 
  • Bamboo Chemo Hat by BK Co

    Handmade, lightweight Bamboo Jersey hats specifically designed for the ultimate comfort with no scalp irritation.

    More info 
  • She2.0 “Sleep tight, hot stuff!” by Phases Tea Blends

    Not sleeping is never cool. This special blend of loose-leaf tea will have you snoring in minutes!

    Read more info 


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