Menopause support—delivered

Menopause is the 100% club and while we don’t all go into it the same way or experience the same symptoms, we are all going to be impacted by it at some point in our lives. But that doesn’t mean it has to suck!

 The She2.0 Comfort Kits are made up of Canadian-made
products developed to help alleviate some of the pesky symptoms of peri-/menopause.

 An alarming number of women feel unprepared for it so we're here to help. The She2.0 Comfort Kits are like a hug in a box!

The She2.0 Comfort Kits are now available!

These lovingly curated and "build your own" collections are the perfect gift—for a loved one, a friend, or YOU. All the comfort you need in a box. 

    1. Click on the box you want to build.
    2. Start with your minimum selection by picking two items from column A and one item from column B to start building. Add as many products as you want after that. 
    3. Hit "checkout" and send your box on its way!

INTRODUCING the She2.0 "Build-Your-Own" Comfort Kit

Whether you’re in peri or post-menopause, we have Canadian made products you’ll love! These kits are a great treat for yourself or make a thoughtful gift for a family member or friend going through natural or post-surgical/treatment menopause. 

Perimenopause is the runway that gradually prepares us for menopause. However, some women experience immediate menopause post-surgery/treatment. They require different products to help provide relief and support. We’ve indicated the products we’ve selected for our “In a Flash” kit and these are safe to add if you are purchasing this kit for yourself or someone else.


Could it be Peri?

This is the time of life when your period plays “Come here, go away” and you wonder “is it or isn’t it menopause?”. We’ve been there and we get it. Choose from these Canadian-made products to help you during this somewhat confusing time.

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So long, Aunt Flow!

You don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Your period has been gone a year and we officially welcome you to the Menopause Club. We say ‘rejoice’! You never have to worry about period cramps or messy stains again AND you can wear white whenever you damn well please! It’s time to add some great products to your arsenal.

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