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Brant Arts I.D.A. Pharmacy is home to two of Ontario’s leading experts in women’s health. Carolyn Whiskin and Kerry Roberts are both NAMS (North American Menopause Society) Certified Menopause Practitioners. Together, they have met with hundreds of women all over the province to help them through their transitional years. You can take our word for it! Have a listen to our episode with Carolyn Whiskin for more information on why you should seek the help of a menopause practitioner and tune in to hear Kerry Roberts tell you why you can’t seem to stay asleep.

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The Institute for Hormonal Health has created a program that integrates the evidence-based science of both Western medicine and naturopathic medicine, and anchored them on a foundation of nutritional science. This integrative approach enables the IHH team to treat the root causes of a hormonal issue, and not just the symptoms. You can listen to our podcast with Dr. Kristy Prouse to learn more.


Canadian Menopause Society is a multidisciplinary group of family physicians, specialists and healthcare professionals who are interested in menopausal and postmenopausal health. Their mission is to advance the health of women at and beyond the menopause transition through education initiatives and knowledge transfer. They are also a hub of knowledge of menopause related issues and can link you to menopause clinics and practitioners across Canada.


For millennia, psychedelics have been used by Indigenous and other cultures for spiritual and healing purposes. They were studied by researchers within psychiatry from the late 19th century until the mid 20th century, when psychedelics became highly regulated, stigmatized, and became, for the most part, illegal to use or study in any context. 

A growing body of evidence from clinical research trials is showing that evidence-based, psychedelic-assisted therapies have the potential to improve the lives of millions of people who live with the impacts of complex trauma and other clinical conditions, including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and substance use disorders.

In this episode we talk to Irie Selkirk about the benefits and risks of psychedelic therapy and how it can be used to help treat peri/menopause symptoms.


We have both tried and been successful using cannabis to help treat some of our menopause symptoms. Many women find that cannabis can help with

with hot flushes, sleep disturbance, mood changes and vaginal dryness and pain. There are several ways you can ingest it and it’s worth exploring for a great sleep. Kim Lam joins us in this episode to talk about how cannabis can be used to treat some of those pesky peri/menopause symptoms.


Canadian experts share the facts on menopause so you can take charge of your health and your life.


Menopeer Canada's mission is to empower and increase an individual's well-being during menopause by training and supporting menopeers. Our vision is to create a vibrant community of menopeers to learn from and be inspired by. Menopeer Canada wants to empower each person as they experience their own unique menopausal journey.