Do your hormones need therapy?

Do your hormones need therapy?

One of the most common questions I hear is around hormone therapy. What is it and is it safe?

Basically, it's about taking estrogen or a mix of estrogen and progesterone, two hormones your body starts skimping on after menopause kicks in. If you're under 60 or still in the ballpark of menopause by about 10 years and feeling healthy, hormone therapy could help dial down those pesky hot flashes and ease up on vaginal discomfort.

Is there cause for concern?

Short answer – no.

Back in 2002, there was this big scare with the Women's Health Initiative study linking combo hormone therapy to higher risks of breast cancer and heart disease. Turns out, that study had some serious flaws—they were looking at older women who weren't exactly fresh out of menopause and using an outdated form of estrogen.

The truth is, hormone therapy can be a game-changer for certain menopausal symptoms and a solid option for many women. It's all about weighing your options with your doc and checking out Health Canada-approved products. Of course, it's not for everyone—women with certain cancers, a history of stroke or heart issues, liver problems, or blood clot history might want to think twice. But if you're considering it, have a heart-to-heart with your healthcare team, or better yet, a certified menopause practitioner who can guide you through the nitty-gritty of what's best for you.

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