Does menopause belong at work?

Does menopause belong at work?

Just as many women are hitting the pinnacle of their careers, they start experiencing symptoms related to menopause. 

The impact is significant: in the UK, 23% of women have considered resigning due to menopause-related productivity issues, and 14% plan to leave their jobs. That's a huge loss of talent and knowledge. And in Canada we are 27 YEARS behind! We have some catching up to do/

She2.0 aims to support women so they can remain in the workforce without suffering from menopause symptoms. Women often hesitate to discuss these issues at work, and I understand that completely. We don't want everyone to know what we're personally experiencing yet we need the support. What's a girl to do?

To address this, we've partnered with The Menopause Chicks to offer the Menopause.Work course. This course provides confidential, evidence-based health information and support from the comfort of home. All questions are answered live and confidentially.

Your team will gain essential insights to navigate perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause confidently.

It's simple to get started:

  1. Register and receive a unique code to forward to your team with event overview.
  2. Individual team members can then register as an INDIVIDUAL for the date and time they choose! (All of their communication will go to the email they provide - they can use their work or personal email.)
  3. Corporate clients will receive a report for HOW MANY attended by not WHO. Your identity is safe with us!

Each attendee receives: (see website)

  • Event training
  • E-copy of book
  • 30 days free membership in The Nest NestMembership.comwith additional resources on sleep, stress, sex, genitourinary health, hormone therapy and more—including weekly “ASK ANYTHING” events and personalized 1:1 support for any follow up questions. Your event communication will explain how to access your free month in The Nest.


You can sign up as a company, team, or individual. We have three courses in June - pick the date that works best for you!

Sign up and register by clicking your preferred date:


June 6 

June 13

June 20 

If you have any questions or need something more customized, please reach out. We'd love to put something together for you.

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