JD Williams understands 'bikini season'

JD Williams understands 'bikini season'

JD Williams is located in the UK and I only just learned about it through a discussion with a colleague. You see, we're both passionate about brands and how brands work to reach their audiences. And as someone in mid-life, I can honestly say brands can do better to connect with us. MUCH better. 

We want to see ourselves represented in their imagery. We want to hear ourselves in their copy and their campaigns. We want to be heard and seen and only then will we part with our paychecks.

JD Williams hits the nail on the head with both their headline: "Admit it. This age thing suits you," and their products. Clever headline but not clever in an "I want to win an award for writing this versus I want women to read and want this product" kind of way. Clever in that right away I feel like I am personally being addressed by this campaign. They listened:

93% of women would benefit from brands being more inclusive and catering better to menopausal women.*

90% of women believe brands should be working harder to be inclusive and cater to menopausal women.*

And they responded with a campaign that puts real women in bathing suits designed with our needs in mind (both physical and emotional) and they did not use imagery that makes us wish we were younger, thinner or anything other than what we actually are. 

I'm not sure how easy it is to order their products to North America but I can say that I will make the effort to find out since they made the effort to understand my needs and my mindset. And I happen to love their bathing suits because I can actually see myself feeling good in them!

*GenM Invisibility Report


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