Menopause. work. September 20th. Are you signed up?

Menopause. work. September 20th. Are you signed up?

Menopause Masterclass

Did you know?

Menopause-age women account for 26% of the workforce or 55% of all working women.

As many as 40% of menopausal women say their symptoms interfered with their work performance or productivity weekly

Nearly one in five have quit or considered quitting because of their symptoms.

It has been reported that worldwide, menopause-related productivity losses can exceed $150 billion a year.

What the headlines aren’t telling you is that 1 in 5 women have considered quitting or have quit because of menopause symptoms. That can impact a company’s bottom line. In fact, menopause-related productivity losses can exceed $150 billion a year globally.

She2.0, in partnership with Canadian leader in the menopause space – Menopause Chicks, is offering our innovative new “Menopause at Work’ package.  Tailored specifically for workplaces, with the aim of providing essential support and information that will help your employees through this challenging transition. This all takes place in a virtual environment that provides a safe, confidential, and comfortable place to learn and to ask questions.

Our menopause support package includes education and support for employees to understand menopause and how to support their hormones and bodies during this time.

What can you expect?

Menopause.Work: 🦋 

Your opportunity to put your own name (& health!) at the top of the to-do list. Sign up for:

  • Refreshing & real information about perimenopause, menopause & postmenopause
  • Clarity on definitions and which hormones are responsible for what + how to plan for pending changes 
  • Easy-to-digest tips on the most popular questions women ask: from sleep to stress to sexual desire; hot flashes to hormone testing, mood swings, brain fog, vaginal dryness and more
  • A full explanation of "The Women's Health Pyramid" so you can distinguish between what is related to progesterone and estrogen vs. what might be connected to nutritional deficiencies or other health conditions
  • How to talk to your family, doctor and work colleagues about your health
  • How to find a women's hormone health expert in your area and what questions to take to your next health appointment! 
  • + Relatable case studies from women who have successfully navigated this journey + a copy of Shirley's latest book + 1:1 text support if you have additional questions or require more clarity and direction.

Our first employee virtual event takes place Wednesday, September 27th at 12 pm EST and 7pm EST.

Ask your employer for access to this program or sign up individually. For more information contact us! Sign up here.


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