The She2.0 2022 Gift Guide

The She2.0 2022 Gift Guide

H to the O to the Ho! Ho! Ho!

It’s been a long year and the magic of the holidays is upon us. You’re probably running wild trying to conquer gift ideas, holiday parties, and endless entertaining. I’m here to help! Here are some great gift ideas for the most important person on Santa’s list this year! You.

This is an especially helpful list if you’ve been labeled ‘hard to buy for’ or ‘she already has everything!’. I can guarantee these gift ideas will bring magic (and relief) to you this holiday season. And, let’s face it, any season but we’re going to use the holidays as an excuse to get you a good haul of gifts you want this year!

Please note these products are available to Canadian residents only. Stay tuned for amazing products from outside of Canada in the new year!

Haircare products

Dry hair ain't so 'fly'!

Have you noticed your hair has lost its lustre since your hormones started to go rogue? I find that my hair only has body for the month or two following highlights. It’s dry and even if I take the time to blow dry and style, just the slightest humidity will bring on the frizz.

Bioscal® Hair Treatment products keep the scalp clean, prevent build up and stop the clogging up of the hair follicles leaving room for new hair to continue to grow. And if you have partner with a thinning hairline, you might want to get the kit for them too.

 In just under a month, I have noticed a significant difference. I style far less, have more volume, and haven’t had to tackle frizzy looking locks. The Kit contains Shampoo, Revitalizer, Shampoo, and Concentrate. 

Use Promocode JC10 for your She2.0 discount at  

home device for urinary incontinence

Getting fit. From the inside out

We’re all friends here so we can share the intimate details, right? Have you ever peed when you sneezed? Had painful sex and/or vaginal dryness? Had the instant urge to pee and maybe you didn’t make it to the loo?  You’re not alone. In fact, you are in very good company! 55% of post-menopausal women experience bladder control and other intimate health-related issues. That means millions of women are experiencing these symptoms. Tightra can help!

Tightra is a safe and effective intimate wellness solution for stress urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity. Clinically tested, Tightra is the first and only home-use device that utilizes Radio Frequency, a medically proven technology that increases blood flow and boosts elastin and collagen production tightening the pelvic floor muscles and reducing urinary incontinence.

Order yours at Tightra or Silk’n or on their Facebook Group.

Use promocode Tightra25 for 25% off

cbd skincare and beauty products

The gift of nourished skin

Looking for that glowy, dewy party look? This holiday season, treat your skin with Foliée's all-natural plant-based wellness and skincare products. With several gorgeous products to choose from, you can build your own custom luxe skincare gift sets that brighten up your skin!  Formulated with the purest ingredients, Foliée's formulas combine the highest-quality Canadian organic hemp seed oil with beautiful botanicals to create luxurious, holistically blended essentials.

Foliée’s unique range of products can help to alleviate your sore muscles, improve joint mobility, relieve, soothe, and moisturize dry skin while fighting the signs of aging. All our products are handmade in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.


Free gift-wrapping at checkout with the purchase of 2+ products Curbside pickup is available by appointment only.

For more details, email

brenda beddome holiday fashion

Loving those layers

From errands to meetings and straight to holiday get togethers, how does one dress to avoid the transition from indoor to outdoor, from heat to cold? Brenda Beddome’s Bamboo Fleece Cardigan/Top is super soft, breathable and can be worn on its own or with a tank or cami under it. Dress it up for evening and keep it casual for day time. Machine washable

Regular: $139 and on sale for $59.

Use promocode: promo10 for an additional 10% off anything at

customized vitamins and supplements

An apple a day

I hate that I have a day of the week pill pack. And even then, I can’t keep track because I usually lose my glasses and can’t read the tiny print to tell me what day it is. I also despise having to figure out which vitamins and when! So, I was overjoyed to discover The VTMN Packs Essentials Collection. While a supplement subscription might be an untraditional holiday gift, we guarantee it’ll be a winner! The newly launched Essentials Collection contains 4 curated bundles of their best-selling premium vitamins. It’s the perfect gift to start the New Year with a fresh, health-optimizing routine. This flexible subscription that can be delayed or canceled at any time. Each bundle in the collection offers complete vitamin care designed by nutritional experts at VTMN Packs. Choose the bundle that is right for you!

All bundles are under $80 and include free shipping or take the free health assessment and get a personalized pack made just for you

Use the code SHE2.0 to save 20% off your first order at

lusome sleepwear and holiday pyjamas

All tucked in their beds

At the end of a long day, who doesn’t want to get into their comfy jams and crawl into bed with a good book? Or by the fire with a nice glass of wine? Although, pj’s can be an issue with those pesky night sweats and hot flashes. Lusomé has the answer – the Donna Top and Pants. The iconic (and award-winning) Donna Sleep Set is timeless in design with ivory piping and real shell buttons. This bestselling PJ set has slight shaping at the waist for a flattering and comfortable fit. Crafted from our luxuriously soft and proprietary fabric Xirotex™, proven in lab tests to draw perspiration away from the skin quickly and accelerate evaporation for instant comfort. Think you’ve seen it before? You have! This award-winning set has been in Oprah, Good Housekeeping and The Today Show.

Use promocode SHE20 to get your 20% discount.

Click here to order yours

That’s not all we have to add to your wish list. Keep your eye on your inbox for more great gift ideas in the next week!




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