How the Kits Work...


Whether you’re buying for yourself, a friend, or family member, these kits show your soft side.


Choose the Comfort Kit you'd like to purchase, select your size & colour preferences and head to check-out, where you will write a personalized greeting for your awesome recipient.


 While items in the box cannot be substituted or deleted, you can add some extra love by choosing any (or ALL!) of the "Add-On Products" you'll find below! Simply add them to your purchase and they will be included in the packaged kit.

  • Personalized Greeting Card by Carolyn Draws

    Add a personal touch to your kit with this heartfelt card.

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  • Eva Nightshirt by Lusomé

    From the creators of the award-winning PJ set Oprah told you about!

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  • Neck Coolers by Sew Fairy Cool

    For headaches, hot flashes, and day-to-day tension, these neck coolers are a must-have.

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  • Monashee Twist ~ Multi Wear 5-in-1 Beanie by Canadian Frost

    The luxuriously soft toque you can use as a headwrap, slouchy beanie, messy bun beanie, rolled brim toque, or as a neck scarf.

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    An all-natural solid-to-liquid lubricant that soothes and nourishes your skin while providing glide without the mess.

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  • Hair Energy Concentrate by Bioscal®

    A scientifically-backed serum that stimulates hair growth and prevents thinning. 

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