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Eva Nightshirt by Lusomé

Eva Nightshirt by Lusomé

Cool nights without hot sweats! 

At the end of a long day, who doesn’t want to get into their comfies and crawl into bed with a good book? Or by the fire with a nice glass of wine?

Nightwear can be tricky with those pesky night sweats and hot flashes. Lusomé has the answer: the Eva Nightshirt. Creators of award-winning nightwear, Eva was created to be flattering and simple, keeping comfort as the top priority. 

Crafted with their luxuriously soft and proprietary fabric Xirotex™, proven in lab tests to draw perspiration away from the skin quickly and accelerate evaporation for instant comfort.

As a bonus, many women use Eva as a swim cover-up in the summertime!


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