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🌷 She2.0 “Sleep tight, hot stuff!” Loose Leaf Tea

🌷 She2.0 “Sleep tight, hot stuff!” Loose Leaf Tea

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Lavender Dream is an anti-inflammatory, sleep tea with digestive bonus. Dream yourself into a gentle sleep with a beautiful blend of:

Lavender: reduces stress and anxiety by calming the nerves and promotes sleep

Chamomile: helps promote relaxation and decreases stress.

*Chamomile and lavender together help promote digestion and immune function

Lemon balm: calming herb helps reduce stress and anxiety and aids with indigestion and nervous system health.

Organic Ashwagandha: helps manage stress, reduce inflammation, and bring the body back into balance, including supporting your mood.

Passionflower: calming herb that helps reduce stress, anxiety and promotes sleep.

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